Financial Sustainability Guide – Experiences from the Network and beyond

Financial sustainability is about maintaining the long term health, security and effectiveness of your food partnership. It is about moving beyond the short term to achieving a more durable and dependable income base.

Download the Financial Sustainability Guide

Financial sustainability will mean different things for different SFC Network members. Whichever way you are structured: whether you are an independently constituted organisation, housed within the public sector or hosted by a third sector organisation, the essential functions of administrating and coordinating the work of your food partnership will need to be resourced in some way. Many food partnerships are also set up to deliver services or projects themselves, so they will be looking to secure funding to deliver these aspects of their work too.

This guide will be helpful for food partnership coordinators as well as board / steering group members looking to enhance the financial sustainability of their partnership. It will help you answer questions such as:

  • How can we plan for financial sustainability from the outset?
  • How can we best position ourselves to be the recipients of funding?
  • How can we diversify our funding mix?
  • What are the income generating opportunities that we could be exploring?

Download the Financial Sustainability Guide

Download the Funding Strategy Workshop Outline


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