Influencing Local Policy

These guides will be useful for food partnership steering groups/management committees exploring how to achieve meaningful engagement and policy influence with local authorities.

Good Policy for Good Food - A toolbox of local authority food policy levers

Local authorities have a wide range of policy levers at their disposal that can be used to drive positive social, economic and environmental change related to food and to embed that change for the long term.

Policy is, however, an area that many local food partnerships struggle with as they often lack the time, resources, expertise and/or will to navigate what tends to be a complex and cumbersome policy-making process.

This guide provides a toolbox of food policy levers, along with clear practical examples of where these have been successfully used. We hope it will help SFC Members to engage more effectively with local policy-making and to reap the full benefits that doing so can bring.

Download Good Policy for Good Food

Engaging with Local Authorities - Stories, challenges and tips from the Sustainable Food Cities Network

This guide outlines the key mechanisms for engaging local authorities in the SFC agenda. It should help answer questions such as:

  • With whom should we be seeking to engage and how?
  • How do we get councillors engaged?
  • Where should our food partnership focus our limited resources to best influence policy?
  • How do we hook the local authority in?
  • What does good engagement look like?

The guide also includes a brief look at SFC Network member experiences of engaging their Clinical Commissioning Groups.

Download Engaging Local Authorities

Evidence of the contribution that action on healthy, sustainable food can have in achieving local priorities can be found in our draft ‘Making the Case and Measuring Progress: Towards a systems approach to healthy and sustainable food’ and in UWE’s ‘Making the Health Case for SFC’ report.




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