Incredible Edible Todmorden Impact Evaluation

14 September 2017

Incredible Edible Todmorden's impact evaluation looks at the economic, social and environmental impacts on a short, medium and long term. The results are overwhelmingly positive. In terms of material impact, IET has had a significant effect on the town, and awareness and active engagement have increased markedly over time.
Whilst framed in terms of the three ‘spinning plates’ of community, business and learning, the outcomes clearly addressed social (e.g. increased physical activity and use of green space; strengthened local distinctiveness; increased community cohesion and connectivity), economic (e.g. IET brand as income generator for local businesses and tourism; IET-related business spin-offs; ‘buy local’ ethos) and environmental (e.g. increased engagement with food; changed use of public space; increased understanding about sustainability) dimensions.

The Social Return on Investment found that for every £1 invested, largely through volunteer time and small financial contributions, £5.51 was returned to the Todmorden community as a whole during 2016.

The evaluation commissioned by Incredible Edible Todmorden was undertaken by the University of Central Lancashire and Manchester Metropolitan University.

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