'Getting the Basics Right' for current and aspiring Sustainable Food Cities partnerships

06 February 2018

We have produced a range of new guidance for those wanting to Get the Basics Right as they begin and continue on their Sustainable Food Cities journey.

Our Getting the Basics Right guide provides an overview of the process of setting up a food partnership and developing a food action plan as well as the process for applying for SFC membership.

Existing and emerging food partnerships may also find our two new resources on structures and legal status useful.

Our new resources include:

1. 'Getting the Basics Right - A Guide to SFC Network Membership'

2. 'Food Partnership Structures - Stories from Sustainable Food Cities'

3. 'Organisational Structures and Legal Status - A quick guide for food partnerships'

These guides should be the first point of call for newly emerging food partnerships wishing to become a member of the SFC Network. They may also be useful to food partnerships that have been dormant or operating at reduced capacity for a while that are now being reinvigorated.

Membership of the SFC Network offers many benefits including an opportunity to apply for an award, receive advice and guidance from the SFC team, access funding for coordinators and join in with national campaigns.

At the outset it is worth stating that there is no ‘correct’ way to set up a food partnership. Each city or place is different, with its own set of circumstances that will influence the process. It is important that whichever approach you take there is a sense of ownership of the process and the way the partnership works. These guides are not therefore intended as blueprints for developing a food partnership and action plan, they are simply guides to the steps that could be taken.

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Leon Ballin
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