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    Our 2018-19 campaign aims to increase the availability and consumption of veg.

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Financial Sustainability Guide

Experiences from the Network and beyond

Financial sustainability is about maintaining the long term health, security and effectiveness of your food partnership. It is about moving beyond the short term to achieving a more durable and dependable income base.

Making the Health Case for SFC

A tool for Public Health practitioners

As part of our effort to help Network members to ‘make the case’ about the value of their work, we commissioned a study to capture senior public health professionals’ views on their local SFC partnership and programme. Results suggest that SFC can make a key contribution to achieving public health goals.

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Latest news

'Behind the Barcodes' - Oxfam's global supermarket campaign - 22/06/2018
Oxfam have launched Behind the Barcodes a new, global campaign calling on supermarkets around the w...

Is local food good for the economy? Looking at the full picture - 12/06/2018
One of the motivations of the local food movement is to develop buoyant regional economies that pro...

LGA calls for public health budget cuts to be reversed - 12/06/2018
New analysis by the Local Government Association (LGA) has found that the number of 10 and 11-year-...

Up to £30,000 strategic funding for charities & social enterprises - 11/06/2018
The Fore Trust (UK) is offering up to £30,000 over one to three years and business support to expan...

APPGIFI: Parliamentary Inquiry on the cost of infant formula - 07/06/2018
The All Party Parliamentary Group on Infant Feeding and Inequalities has launched an inquiry on the...

Upcoming events

Sharing the Burden of Supermarket Food Waste: Towards Sustainability and a Circular Economy - 27/06/2018
This one-day symposium is hosted by SURGE’s Sustainable & Resilient Communities research group (htt...

BATCH: South West, a Real Bread gathering - 07/07/2018
Join the Real Bread Campaign and Brook Food on Saturday 7 July for a day of baking, learning and me...

Public health as a ‘public good’ from agriculture - 11/07/2018
This half-day seminar, 11 July 2018, will examine the question: ‘Public health as a ‘public good’ f...

Food for Thought: IFSTAL Showcase Event 2018 - 12/07/2018
IFSTAL is unique. It brings together academic minds in food systems thinking with the workplace to ...

Healthy cities: how to achieve a healthy population in an urban environment - 17/07/2018
According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) now is the first time in human history that most o...

SUGAR SMART Celebration Event - 20/07/2018
The event will be a chance to look back at the wonderful achievements of local SUGAR SMART campaign...

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