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It’s been a busy year so far for Cambridge food!

Having launched their Sustainable Food Pledge for businesses and organisations earlier in the year, Cambridge Sustainable Food have given out their first awards to businesses that successfully demonstrated their overall sustainability.

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National #MakeRioCount Day - 4th August 2016

We invite you to join a national fun day to mark the global nutrition summit at Rio. Across the UK, many local organisations are planning a holiday event which will provide a good meal for children and families along with some sports and fun activities. The aim of the day is to provide a platform to voice our asks to Government.

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Upcoming events

National #MakeRioCount Day - 04/08/2016
We invite you to join a national fun day to mark the global nutrition summit at Rio, the day before...

Turning the Tables: Training in Food Democracy - 18/08/2016
Turning the Tables: Groundwork for Food Democracy is an exciting new programme by Nourish Scotland ...

Building Prosperous Cities Conference - 27/09/2016
Cities are home to most of the population of the UK. Prosperous cities aren’t just about economic a...

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